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In conversation with NEC and Yvey about the doubled turnover in the hospitality industry

Whereas in the football world the emphasis used to be mainly on generating turnover during and just after home matches, the stadium is now also increasingly being used for (business) events, meetings for sponsors or organizing a social activity.

With our help, and with the help of our partner Yvey, NEC has managed to double its catering turnover in a few years' time and to realize a popular supporters home together with the fans.

'Investments to increase the quality and experience in skyboxes and business lounges always pay for themselves', says Wilco van Schaik.

In the article More experience and multi-functionality Goffertstadion increase income NEC Nijmegen, which appeared in SPORTNEXT at the beginning of this year, Wilco van Schaik (NEC Nijmegen), Daniël Frankenhuis (Yvey) and Rob van Rijswijk explain how increasing the appearance, functionality and income for the club can increase significantly. Do you want to inventory opportunities and possibilities for your stadium, club or sports event together with us? Then please contact us.